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Hmmm, it seems that everything is O.K. with Amiga GB, the problem seems to be with the WINUAE. I tried (and installed) Workbench 3.1 on a virtual HD and everything was O.K., I then tried to install WBench 3.9 but couldnt make the backup disc coz I didnt know the CD driver and its number under WinUAE. I read Tom's guide to Installing the WB 3.9 and it says that I should check uaescsi.device in the Misc section of WinUAE and that I should make a log file. When I do that WinUAE hangs the same way as when trying to load WHDLOAD via GB AMIGA. (Not Responding, and Winuae process cannot be 'killed' from the Task manager -> when I click close ALT-f4 and so on the 'End program' window appears, then the 'Send error report' window, I click 'don't send' but the Winuae still remains resident as if it's respawning. Weird
I have an AHCI SATA HDD, maybe that bothers it?
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