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Alright, let's start with some things to clarify:
  • WinUAE actually hangs (is "not responding" what Windows tells you or your own assessment?) and can't be closed at all? Hitting "Quit WHDRun" in WHDRun should normally kill WinUAE, too (there's also a "Kill WinUAE Process" function in WHDRun's Tools menu). Also normal methods to exit WinUAE should work (ALT+F4, F12|Quit, etc.).
  • This happens for all WHDLoad games, but for no ADF (or possibly SPS) games? If not, please specify some games it does happen for.
Possible problems (please disregard any that don't apply to you):
  • Some games won't start properly if you have no kickstart ROMs in your WHD folder (although you should get a popup dialog on the Amiga side about that), or if you don't have a (legally) licensed WHDLoad version (if there is no key, WHDLoad should normally tell you that, if there's a pirated key, you'll often just run into random problems).
  • The place to put kickstart ROMs is <GameBase>\GameBase Amiga\WHD\Devs\Kickstarts\.
  • The place to put WHDLoad keys is <GameBase>\GameBase Amiga\WHD\S\ (other locations are possible, but this one's preferred). They need to be renamed to match the names of the .pat and .rtb files already included with GBA.
Some more things you can verify (just to rule them out):
  • Does C:\GBGame\rezip\ contain a directory named like the game you've been trying to run (after you tried to run it)? If the unzipping step in WHDRun succeeded, this should normally be the case.
  • Does the file <GameBase>\GameBase Amiga\WHD\S\user-startup (you can open it with any text editor) contain two lines mentioning the game you've been trying to run? Again, this should normally be the case if WHDRun reported no error.
  • There have also been script issues with GBA lately, but since you're not using the latest WinUAE, I think they probably don't apply to you.
That's all I can think of right now, maybe someone else has a more immediate idea what's wrong, but this should help diagnosing the problem.

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