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Originally Posted by digiflip View Post
if its mist / unamiga core around 7mips if was mister 13.69 mips and more in future updates, i think mist core is allready maxed with rtg
MiST got quite a bit faster recently thanks to Slingshot's work on the CPU cache - it's not far behind MiSTer now. There's still a little bit of scope for improvement in write performance but apart from that it is indeed maxed out now.

Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
Connecting to Amiga keyboard is quite neat. 32 MB should be enough for the cores it offers, certainly is on MiSTer. I guess the most important question is how mature the whole thing is...if it's another WIP then I'd advise caution before buying.
It's the same FPGA as MiST and claims to run all MiST cores - so there shouldn't be any danger of it turning out to be a deadend product with only a handful of cores available.
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