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There must be a way to get disk based games on to a cd rom for any amiga surely???????
Sounds like there is still a little confusion.
YES You can play games from CDROM on any Amiga, *but* only those games that have been written in standard AmigaDOS format (eg: Monkey Island) or converted from the original floppy-disk-only format to standard AmigaDOS format (eg: WHDload/JST installs).

In other words most Amiga disk games are written specifically to load each part (level) from floppy disk (some even only from the internal drive). Reasons usually given for this was copy protection (they didn't want you to put them on hard disk because AmigaDOS files can be easily copied). Sometimes they were just lazy. An install program will usually 'fool' a floppy disk game into working as a large AmigaDOS file instead of a floppy disk. WHDload/JST installs also fix incompatibility problems and save the high scores as well.

RainbowIslands (not a AmigaDOS disk)
+ JST/WHDload
AmigaDOS files

MonkeyIslands disks = AmigaDOS files

Copy the AmigaDOS files to hard disk or CDROM, setup up a startup-sequence perhaps add some memory and then the game should work.

To make matters more confusing there are some games (Ghosts'n'goblins) that do use AmigaDOS files but still can't run from hard disk/CDROM because the game still tries to use the floppy disk. There are installs available for those games too.
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