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Ultra violence difficulty is possible on Doom 2 - at least on playstation. I never liked Doom on the PC. Every third level seemed to have insane platformy bits. I always found Doom really simple to play - I just run in circles all the time and keep shooting at things till everything is dead and bloody.

And I've never played through ProjectX, I know it's insanely difficult. I've heard of people who love it and beat it though. I suppose it's not my thing; I'm not a huge action gamer person. I like the odd action game, but I'm choosy.

And that's why you keep your vast quantity of knights home and train them and keep expanding. The AI always over builds and takes ages to fill knight houses in the long run. You should be able to burn some of his expansion attempts and pull it back. You should have iron and weapons before two hours. (You probably did/I hope you did) If things seem really slow maybe you're being too cautious, or not allocating your tool building properly?

Not all games are possible, but a lot of them are. If you want to point out games that are impossible there's a number of famous examples. Doom 2 on ultra violence isn't one of them I think.

Ho-hum. :P Pay pal me fifty USD, and I'll make a video of me doing the last level of settlers.

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