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Originally Posted by Radertified View Post
- Is there a changelog for this update? ie. Is it a couple of games added/updated or dozens?
There is no changelog. When i started, my goal was to find all missing files and complete my Gamebase 2.1. Two days ago i found the "Amiga 500 - 1200" Gamebase by dax, which would have been an easier starting point. Oh well...
Statistics/no. of files:
        dax2.0   2.1   2.3
Games     3013  3036  3152
Tunes     2201  2201  2201
Pictures  4793  3195  3323
Extras   10747 11225 11232
dax added 2916 pictures from HOL to his GB. I asked at HOL if i may use them too, but no reply yet.

TLDR; 116 game files added, 128 screenshots, 7 extras.

Originally Posted by Radertified View Post
- Do you have plans to continue it or is this a one-off?
I have plans to continue it. This time i started a changelog

Originally Posted by Radertified View Post
- Do you verify games to be the best possible versions?
I know Belgarath and DamienD always verify games as best as they can. Just curious if you're doing that too, or if you're just selecting anything that looks like it might be the best version to include.
Am i as meticulous as Belgarath and DamienD? Maybe not. That's not up to me to decide.
In the end, we all can only choose from what is available to us.
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