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World 2-1 is complete (the one with the swimming section) and world 2-2 is partially done.
Recently I've mostly been looking at adding parallax to this world. Neither the PC nor Amiga version had parallax on these levels but the Amiga version did have a pulsing red patterned background which is missing on the PC. This means some parts of these levels had a boring black background in my conversion.
I could have just added the same red pulsing background, but I thought I'd see if I can add some parallax like the Mega Drive version (Universal Soldier). Unfortunately I don't have free hardware sprites (*) in these section as I did for the spaceship sections, so an alternative approach was needed.
I've gone with blitting a single parallax plane using a mask to only blit in the areas where the background shows through. A single plane is a little limiting (only allows for 2 colours) so I'm going to try and combine it with a copper gradient effect.
It may not make it in to the release if I either don't like the look or if the blitter impact results in frames being dropped. But as before, I'll release a version when I've finished both the World 2 levels.

(*) technically I do I have free hardware sprites, but due to all the Amigas caveats when it comes to sprites, trying to use them would result in palette problems and also the inability to correctly place the parallax sprites behind the playfield whilst keeping the player and weapon sprites in front of the playfield.
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