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Originally Posted by torsti76 View Post
I use some matte auto polishing wax after the retrobrite. It's nothing permanent, but it helps protecting the aged plastic surface from environmental influences.
It's got an UV filter as well, though, as some stated above, UV is only part of the yellowing equation.

In fact, the yellowing is a mixture of a lot of chemical processes happening at once that aren't caused by but accelerated by UV exposure, air, heat and so on.

So, protecting the parts from UV, excessive heating, e.g. by direct sunlight, and blocking some of the air off with a wax film will not stop the yellowing, but can, depending on the level of decay the polymers are already in, significantly decelerate it.
A quick google gets me two products,

and of course the first product suggested by pandy71.

I think I'm leaning towards one of the first two as they make more of a deal about the matte finish.
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