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Calling all CRT users (especially those with C= monitors)

I was wondering if any of you could help out with my CRT photo collecting project? It's a general preservation drive, partially for fun, partially becaue future generations might not have a chance to witness the cathode ray glory, and also it might help out various emulator/shader writers too.

All you'd need to do is take a few reasonably decent photos, even with just a phone camera, and then upload/send them to me somehow. By "reasonably decent" I mean well-framed and with visible pixels/scanlines, because I already have most of the pics you can find on the net. This can be admittedly a bit tricky, but with a steady hand in a darkened room you should be fine, even if you get moire or some weird colours, which is sometimes unavoidable (there are also some photo-taking tips on my site).

Unfortunately I missed out when Commodore monitors were still affordable and now I'm limited to consumer sets. So, all CRTs count, the older the better (more authentic), but dedicated monitors are preferred. If you have any other interesting microcomputers or consoles, those are most welcome too.

The v0.1 was a very early release, but there are already some Amiga shots.
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