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Amiga mentioned on music production site

Hi all,

Not retro gaming so much as retro Amiga music related.

I just found this interview with Christoph de Babalon (who might be kind of obscure to you, but produced a really classic dark drum and bass/breakcore album that is still a lot of people's top records) shares that the whole record was produced on OctaMed with just a BOSS delay pedal as the only other equipment. I would love to see the .mod files for some of that...

Would love to see similar setup descriptions on other famous uses of the Amiga in music (Paradox has a nice one on youtube of how Octamed was used to MIDI control his Akai sampler for all his drum and bass tracks - I'll post it below, and I'd hazard a guess from the sound quality that Utah Saints and EC8OR both did everything inside OctaMed).
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