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Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
Perhaps you are in a position to think about it, moving forward
No. And even if, it would be far too late to fix that.

Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
Given my (limited) understanding of BOOPSI, I can’t think how it could be implemented any other way, using ANSI C?
At least the most common methods like OM_NEW, OM_DELETE, OM_GET, OM_SET or OM_DRAW should have been mapped to standard LVOs of the boopsi class which would help already to streamline the dispatch mechanism. There would be still a way for a "generic" dispatcher entry in case none of the above match, or a smart "hash" algorithm that derives from the method ID the entry. Or make the method ID the offset to the entry point (even easier). This is how C++ virtual function calls work. Replace the vtable with the library vector entries, and you have a possible design with less overhead.

Originally Posted by bloodline View Post
You are really painting a bad picture here perhaps it’s time to replace it!?

Wrong man, wrong time.
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