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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
Why, there isn't even a way to limit graphical operations of gadgets inside their area. Start drawing something, even with provided RastPort, and you get something relative to the window and not to the gadget.
That, however, holds for all of intuition. Nothing prevents you to draw over the window decorations either. Well, except for GIMMEZEROZERO windows, where the clipping is solved in the "most convoluted" way (instead of installing an offset and a cliprect).

You get the coordinates in the DrawInfo, though.

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
And when you try to draw a box with frameiclass you suddenly discover it's totally useless because it's drawn incorrectly, far away from "nice" buttons of gadtools.
However ability to draw everything out of the calling task's context is better than what gadtools does (window refreshing fails when the task is busy).
Err... the way how gadtools renders frames is through the frameiclass. How else?
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