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Excellent, it now seems to work fine!

The emulated Amiga boots from the HDF under Kickstart 1.3. It also still boots from the HDF when the shared directory is marked as bootable but with bootpri lower than the HDF. Edit: and if the shared bootpri is higher than the HDF partition bootpri (-100 in my case), it boots from the shared dir.

BTW, under Kickstart 1.3 using the Info command when the shared dir is mounted shows this:
Unit      Size    Used    Free Full Errs   Status   Name
SHARE:    829316M161458456844047600  -1%   0  Read/Write Shared
And under Kickstart 3.1 Info (version 43.7) shows:
Unit       Size     Used     Free Full Errs   Status   Name
SHARE:    1581G 1614584568 44047600  97%   0  Read/Write Shared
Are any programs known to have problems when presented with such large disk/free space sizes? Maybe a compatibility setting to report a maximum of 2GB free space could help in some cases?

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