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Ahhh.. yea, I'd got confused when CLassicWB said it needed a real WB disk - i didnt realise that the image itself is bootable and it boots into a copy script. Maybe the install instructions could be made more clear, for people like me who remember a bit from their amiga ownership 20 years ago (oh yeah.. i was a pro, I could even write my own startup-script :P ) and went and put a disk in DF0 and DH0 then booted the emu.. If it was clearly outlined "boot from the image, then press F12 and swap the workbench disk in when prompted" I wouldnt ahve asked my dumb question ..

Good idea - i'll shove all the games in a bigger DH1. Now i gotta figure out WHDLoad.. never used that thing before - does it automatically do a relokick/soft replacement kickstart if it's needed?
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