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Need a little help with my own crappy frontend !

hi all,
im doing my own little frontend for my winuae installation, basically just fullfilling the basics i need, a pretty pic led selection screen, and an option to view my personal notes before running games.

ive used the free open office to achieve this (the hyperlink feature is so versatile it can run anything, inc winuae configs directly).

i know its nowt special, and requires no real brains, but ive included my early attempt here (minus my linked notes and the game configs of course).

im fairly happy with my game selection screen, BUT, i can not get the screen to scroll smoothly when panning up and down (ive fiddled with a few open office options but to no avail), all i get is lumpy jerky scrolling.

can some kind soul help me achieve smooth scrolling ?, or maybe a way to save the whole page as a self running executable, or some way of saving the whole page as an object, seperate to open office (but retaining the hyperlinks).

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