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I wonder if anyone can help me.. [WHDLoad problem]

I've tried everywhere, but I cannot find any kind of answer.

I'm running WHDLoad with WinUAE 0.8.17 R3, AIAB, and Workbench 3, Kick 3.1, etc. I'm running it on a Win98se platform, relatively clean install and everything works fine as far as emulation goes.

However, this is my problem :

When I run WHDLoad games, any games, it seems to accept joystick input perfectly. However, whenever I press a key, any key, it dumps me back into Workbench with no dialog boxes, no gurus, no errors, no nothing. SOMEtimes I can get around this problem by hammering keys randomly when it's loading (Aye, getting about that desperate) but rarely.

Apart from this weird glitch everything is smooth.

What's the problem?

Also some things seem to skip by really quickly, almost as if a key is stuck. But no key is physically stuck, and I'm pretty sure no key is 'emulated' stuck - although I wouldn't know how to check that if it's a nonprintable character key.

Any ideas?
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