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yeah sounds like a plan. i was mainly trying to find out if a dodgy floppy disc could cause the graphic corruption at all or if they just will not load.
i suspect maybe a bigger problem.
bit of a nightmare because the gotek was not shipped when it should have been and i don't want to miss my return window from the amazon seller.

edit - gotek arrived and installed. good news is that when using the goteka nd an image of bart vs the space mutants everything worked fine so it was eitehr a bad floppy or the floppy drive is on it's way out.
the amiga 500+ i purchased is in great shape and had never been opened. i had to open it to install the gotek and removed the battery at the same time.
it was one of those nasty dark blue batteries but it had not leaked everywhere. there was a tiny bit of leakage just where the battery itself sits. hardly anything and no damage caused.

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