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amiga 500+ graphic corruption. bad floppy disc?

i recieved my amiga 500+ cartoon classics and decided to test it out to make sure all was good.
everything boots and the rgb cable i got for it works fine so all seemed good.
i have not recieved my gotek drive yet so i decided to put some of the bundled discs which came with the machine in to try.
captain planet loaded great and all seemed well.
then i inserted simpsons - bart vs the space mutants and it loaded to the ocean splash screen which was all garbled.
now is this more likely due to a dodgy old floppy disk or a problem with the amiga 500+?
i was thinking that the a500+ is probably good because tyhe captain planet game loaded fine but i thought i would see what you guys think.
wish the gotek had arrived so i could do more testing.
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