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OS 3.2 Amiga 4000D IDE spliter AtapiMagic

HW: Amiga 4000D/3660 16megs fast Onboard, ZZ9000 Bios 1.8, 4 way splitter for an Amiga 4000D

Installed 3.2 on formatted CF card,
(installed the drivers for the ZZ9000/P06/roadshow and AExplorer to move files)

move CD0 from Storage\DOSDrivers to DevsOSDrivers

Downloaded AtapiMagic followed the instruction of editing startup-sequence and moving the atapimagic file to LIBS:modules
dir this edit to the start chaning the 46 to 47 like it says

If Exists C:LoadModule
C:Version exec.library version 47 >NIL:
If Warn
C:LoadModule LIBS:modules/AtapiMagic ROMUPDATE
C:LoadModule LIBS:modules/AtapiMagic

rebooted and the amiga gurus, used WinUAE recover startup- sequence

So to make it work Change tooltype to from scsi.device to atapi.device
find an atapi.device place in devs:

edited the startup-sequence to leaving what was there and add

C:LoadModule LIBS:modules/AtapiMagic

what mine looks like

;Version exec.library version 47 >NIL:
;If Warn
LoadModule L:System-Startup ROMUPDATE

C:LoadModule LIBS:modules/AtapiMagic

SetPatch >NIL:

reboot CD roms read fine, hope this helps someone
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