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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
I just saw this...
Thank you so much Nishicorn.
Thank YOU for inspiring me and letting me try to help you. It's so much fun to do this kind of almost collaborational projects. I would love to collaborate one day..

I just quickly read what you write..
But what I must point my finger at.. is that picture you did in post 19.
Too much? I tend to have a lot to say, and as I have a nice, full N-key rollover keyboard and fast fingers, it's easy for me to type pages of text without breaking a sweat.

Ah, I didn't even realize the posts are numbered (: So you mean the 'Monochrome_Test'? I usually go by filenames, because I think that is the name of the picture, and I want to respect the artist by using the name they came up with. This Monochrome picture actually has many names, but that's a long story. It's OK to just call it 'Monochrome Test' (:

By the way, thank you for your kind words and great attitude again! I am always afraid I come off as annoying when I try to give information or my opinions or viewpoints to people, I am happy you are not angry at me. (:

Of course I admire B/W art! Of course I think that most of the painting rules apply to B/W.
I am glad to hear it.. there's so much interesting beauty if we just let ourselves see it. It's a bit sad how sometimes we can be locked to a certain narrow viewpoint and not appreciate beauty outside of it - for example, Amiga art good, Atari ST art bad - but I have found so much wonderful eyecandy even from the Spectrum artwork.

It always intriques me as to how an artist is able to 'surpass limitations' and still create beauty when they have almost nothing. It's easy to dazzle the eye and create alpha-fading lens flares when you have unlimited colors and GPUs and all. But it takes a real, honest expression of something beautiful inside you to create an impactful expression with very limited methods, like only two colors or low resolution or both.

Those Spectrum artists were geniuses in my opinion - but I also think the C64 artists were, too. 16 colors is not much, and yet so many eye-pleasing masterpieces have been created in a low resolution.

But what you did (no gray gradients, and just simply black OR white), is totally astonishing.. I am speechless man...
Thank you so much! It was actually pretty difficult and I struggled a lot with that picture, but I wanted to create a nature picture as I love sceneries like that.. it could've been improved, and it's not perfect - the middle part of the lake is just white, as I didn't know how to do anything there that wouldn't ruin the 'light effect', and I didn't quite know how to draw 'waves' so it looks a bit amateurish in that regard as well.

However, I really appreciate your kindness and appreciation, thank you! You are a true artist, and very humble. I think you can create even more impressive artworks than you already have. In my opinion, you already have the most important part, the only thing that you can still hone is the 'technical side', you know, dithering techniques and different resolutions and such.

Also, although taking a screenshot works, the tools block part of the picture, and the picture might seem a bit distorted. It's better to save as IFF and then convert to GIF or PNG, maybe double-size the picture (without interpolation) and then upload it.

And the whole picture have great composition.. lightning... amazing atmosphere.. very organic...
Wow! I knew you are a great artist, but I didn't realize you are also a great reviewer and commentator! If only everyone could always get this kind of thoughtful and meaningful comments for their artwork instead of the usual "nice" or "that's nice".

When it comes to atmosphere, you are the master, though.. I just happen to know some technical stuff through my experience with tinkering with so many pixels. However, when it comes to monochrome stuff, I am still a beginner, but in some way it's easier because you don't have to worry about colors or such, you just always use the same color.

Have you tried making monochrome art yet?

}Man, thank you so much for the tips.
"Entity". But you are very welcome, thank YOU for the wonderful comments that made my day!

Btw... I have hard time trying to find pictures you are reffering too.. It's better if you can call it "second image from post n-number".
Ah, sorry, I didn't realize.

The atmospheric Forest picture I refer to:

By the way, this forest picture reminds me of a 'demo' I am making that has a similar aesthetic (though your picture works, mine is somewhat lacking - it's still work in progress and very unfinished, though, but I think your picture helped me realize what's wrong with mine, so thank you - your picture also has much deeper and more interesting atmosphere)

My "Old Tree" picture:

The amazing "Screen 01" I referred to:

And the awesome planet picture:

I hope this kind of URL pasting works.

Were there other images I referred to that you wanted to know about? Other than those, I think I referred mostly to the attachments I included in the post(s).

This kind of exemplifies my point about giving your picture a NAME - that way, it can never be confused.. (:

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