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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
..but couldn't make it anywhere to look fairly descent, because there was no youtube, and I was stupid enough not to think to go to some drawing school and learn some rules from teacher.
descent = a way down, the act or instance of 'descending'. A game called 'Descent' was released back in the day..

decent = good

Well, there was no youtube when I was learning, I never attended any school, I had no teacher, either. You can just self-learn this stuff, you know.. just keep pixeling, and what looks wrong, fix it, until the picture is perfect. Or as perfect as you care to make (all my graphics would still need a lot of work) ..

I also don't know any rules.

The way I do it, is first I try to get the shape right, and once that resembles something watchable, I try to get the colors right - and once those look like something, I start the shading, thinking about light sources, shadows, etc, and then dither my life away. Mmm, love that dither.

I think many people are self-taught in many things.. someone did teach me a bit of basic programming, so now I can make tiny 'storydemos', but other than that, once I learned how to use a tracker's basic functions, I continued dabbling with music until now I can use multiple trackers just based on experimentation and helpfiles (you do need those, though).

Once you know how to use Deluxe Paint, you can easily start using Brilliance - it just takes a bit of getting used to.

There's nothing that much to learn anyway, once you've done your shape and colors, the rest is basically just shading and dithering, and those you learn by doing them pretty quickly.

I think you might be using too big resolutions, requiring too much work.. if you use something like 320x200/240/256 or 160x240 (my favorite), then it's much less work and easier to focus on what you want to do.

I am right now planning a picture I have -no- idea if I can even do or how to do it, I just have a vague idea in my head. That's kinda scary.. but with luck, I might be able to make it look at least semi-watchable.. thankfully, low resolution pictures are easy to edit.
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