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Hello again, D4rk3lf.

I thought my suggestions, critique and advice might be a bit too theoretical, being just text, so I made you a 'reference picture' just to show what I mean - it doesn't mean to compete against your picture and it's not a fully-fledged picture anyway, just a tiny example, a quick mock-up, if you will.

I made it on my real Amiga 1200, so my moon became a bit distorted - something perfectly round on the real Amiga looks a bit oval-shaped on the PC side for some reason - I guess the pixels aren't -exactly- the same proportion (like completely square).

These are the things I wanted to point out with this reference picture, they're differences to your original moody wonder, that I wanted to offer you just in case you want to consider this kind of stuff.. so take it for whatever it's worth.

So basically the differences are:

- More common Amiga resolution (320x256, but I cut a bit off to make it 320x240 visually) - I don't know what your picture's resolution is, it seems like something like 420x240?)
- The moon is a bit brighter - after all, moon is supposed to be light, so it should look like light (looked much brighter on my CRT television, though, so my moon also looks kinda dimmer than I wanted)
- The branches are 'pointed/pointy', so they look a bit more 'realistic' perhaps. They're not perfect, but I just wanted to show how it could be more thin in the end easily.
- The moon is more round instead of squashed (could be a resolution thing?)
- The castle tries to look a bit more round (though now that I look at it, it ends up looking quite flat anyway)
- There is (or at least was on the TV) more contrast between the 'grass' and the 'tree portion' - hm, your 'tree portion' shape looks much better, mine looks weird and bloated)
- I tried to do a bit of that 'moonlight interfering the branch'-effect, but I think I failed (looks more impressove on the TV again..)
- I wanted the mountains to be a bit more steep
- A tiny star for detail
- Mountais have -slight- shading (this is basically a matter of taste, I didn't do a very good job anyway)
- I came up with a name for the picture (Standing Alone)
- I used blue-ish hues, so it looks more like a 'night picture' than 'screenshot from an old TV show' (: (but this is a matter of taste, of course)

I could've done a lot more with the pic, some anti-aliasing and 'glowing effect' for the moon, shading and clouds for the sky, hopefully a lot better shadow for the castle, more leaves, more details, shading the tree portion a bit more (it kinda needs more contrast, black in the middle might've worked), added more flowers and also color to every layer (more shades, I mean, to play with light and shadow and all that), shading the mountains a bit more and so on.

But I just wanted to create a quick mock-up so all my ramblings aren't just pure test, but there's something visual you can kind of scan and see if you like it or not.

Just for the record, your picture is still a moody masterpiece, my pic is just a hopefully helpful tool, should you choose to accept it. (:

Thanks for creating such great art, please keep going, I would love to see more!
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