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Got it already, today must be my lucky day. (and thanks to -O0 )

Must be something in between:
FAIL 336f8a853d13658df66664e2add5324558b39f82 Fixes for 3610b4
b8fc1ea5886ca5a99c6ac4296cb5b231618647ea 3610b4 [WinUAE 32563a1b]
b3c6340e25988a9ad7a4eff6831027b9d2eacf38 CL blitter bounds check fix. [WinUAE b48eb99d]
0b8b83291e0cedfd1b82dcea6c148f12efc764ae ATAPI weird behavior testing [WinUAE 2b287b7c]
2e148c6a0731028000ac1ee3c0f7505f76685ac3 Ignore weird hardware. [WinUAE c8ceb6ae]
791d8a4b7154b809bfc354a05f49221726a1ab41 Another attempt of fully thread safe interrupt activation [WinUAE f1df6c75]
WORKING 9010aae0ed485d41cbbf1d766da3cda293af6696 Remove debug mode warning. [WinUAE 3be99ea7]
Couldn't find the exact one (build fails).
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