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Posts: 3,974 - WinUAE 4.2.0 code merged. I have also ran a manual comparison on the diff between FS-UAE and WinUAE and verified that there isn't any code missing/different due to the merges.

But of course, as I said earlier, a lot has changed, there has been added a few stub functions which is not implemented (may not need to be either), some functionality is disabled on purpose for now (x86 emulation), and expect problems with expansions. In particular, UAE file system is still broken - won't boot (I haven't figured that one out yet). UAEGFX is probably broken too, haven't tested. UAE bsdsocket.library is explicitly disabled, needs fixes before it can be enabled again. Clipboard integration is also disabled.

There can also be issues with fastest-possible mode (not tested), and even vsync / non-vsync timing issues with plain A500 emulation due to changes in calls to target-specific render calls. So basically, we need to test everything ;-)

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