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Originally Posted by jbl007 View Post
4100 branch built successfully, seems to be the same like 4010 at the moment. Basic stuff works well, except for interlaced display. Yes, I call that basic stuff too.
Frames look really weird, like even/odd fields are rendered too early/too late with the default setting
. Surprisingly double3 works well.
Does it even make sense to report issues at this kind of development state?

Yes, 4100b1 introduced changes which needed quite a few fixes to even compile. I try to avoid pushing things which breaks compilation, so I'll need to finish the "Fixes for 4100b1"-commit before pushing and continue merging. I was almost done with it last night, so will probably be able to push/continue this evening.

I don't think it makes much sense to report issues at this point. I expect lots of stuff to fail, and even more might fail as I merge more changes. The idea is to get the codebase synced with 4.2.0 and *then* start tackling issues, since issues fixed before then could become irrelevant.

So, I'm thinking:
- Get the codebase synced with 4.2.0
- And then start compiling a list of issues
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