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Question FS-UAE wrong Amiga machine parameter


I tried some WHDload things with FS-UAE 283 and the latest release 297 but I still have some problems.

My Windows tablet is not very fast so I try to run most games with A600 config.

Using command line parameters (cmd/ Lauchbox) I have some strange results:

For example:

fs-uae-launcher.exe --amiga_model=a600 --accuracy=-1 d:\Arcade-Emu-Files-Roms\Amiga\WHDload_Archive\Toki_v2.3_0040.lha
->will work and start Toki as expected (a600).

fs-uae-launcher.exe --amiga_model=a600 --accuracy=-1 d:\Arcade-Emu-Files-Roms\Amiga\WHDload_Archive\Agony_v1.3_0960.lha
->will result in an A1200 machine

Why ? Agony is ECS/OCS.

I have a lot of more game which have these strange behavior (need only ECS/OCS but start as A1200 AGA)
AGA games ignore my setting too and start with A1200 (which is good) but why (I wrote amiga_model=a600).

I want to be sure WHDload ECS/OCS games start on a A600 because my cpu is slow...
Also need the --accuracy=-1/1 parameter working in my frontend config to get some speed in some cases.

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