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Originally Posted by dalton View Post
The clearing loop in the beginning of the program appears to be clearing 4 times the data it should. So it basically goes on to clear some constant data I have included in my program.

Very strange! Is it a bug in vbcc?
Don't think so. My guess is that you are using an obsolete vlink version for m68k-kick13.

In my startup code source the "move.l #$00000030,d0" is
        move.l  #__BSSLEN,d0
__BSSLEN is a (SAS/C-compatible) linker symbol, which represents the number of long words in the BSS part of a Data-Bss section. There was a bug fix for vlink recently (before the vbcc 0.9f release). From the history file:
- 0.16 (16.05.17)
o (ados/ehf): Fixed SAS/C-compatibility linker symbol __BSSLEN. Now it
  represents the number of long words instead of the number of bytes.
  WARNING! Make sure to check your code, if you used __BSSLEN before!
Make sure your vlink is V0.16.

VBCC 0.9e
Hmm. There was no m68k-kick13 target in 0.9e. I first released it with 0.9f (accompanied by the appropriate vlink-version).
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