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A2000 G-Force 030 25Mhz Combo

I have one of these guys in my 2000HD (
The GVP accelerator is a 25Mhz EC, with 1MB on board and a 4mb simm in the slot.

1) I am looking for the manual but have so far been unable to turn up a scan. Found the manual for its brother - but it's not the one I need. Who in the hell established GVP's product naming? I've googled a bunch and haven't had any luck yet matching the version of the card I have. Anyone kind enough to share a link?

2) I currently have an a 2091 with no drive (Keeping it in the machine for the 2mb of ram)
I also have a Meta4 card with 4mb as well (

I get that it wont play nice with the GVP accelerator if the accelerator is loading its ram into zorro space which maxes out at 8mb (2mb from 2091 + 4mb from meta$ + 5 MB from combo card = no fit). But I removed the jumper from J12 which should load the boards memory as extended ram correct?

It booted the first time, and wb (3.1) showed 11mb of ram. Subsequent boots have all gone back to a red screen with a boot diagnostic warning showing the meta4 as 'defective'. Remove the accelerator and meta4 works like a champ.

3) I'm just getting back into the Amiga scene and the ins and outs are still a little hazy - what is the best way to disable the accelerator for compatability with older games? Loading them from Gotek drive for the time being. Currently booting into wb, and using the GVP cpu control to fallback to 68K mode, which reboots and then inserting mapped thumbdrive. Shouldn't there be a way to set that up on a mouse button or keypress on boot? Also is there a way to do this without loosing the scsi drive on the card?

Thanks all - appreciate your help!
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