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Thanks for the info
i currently looked in emulated video card "ati rage 128 pro"
overlay is not implemented.

Here a brief mention on the qemu emulator:
So the plan is to start with Rage 128 Pro and RV100 and implement enough to get a Linux console on mac99 and mips_fulong2e then improve 2D acceleration to get X working, after that maybe add video overlay so MorphOS R128 driver can work and then implement 3D to reach RV100. From there it could be enhanced towards R520 which may seem very distant but mentioning it is no accident, it is what the Xenos GPU of the XBox 360 is based on and Xenia already has some emulation of, so it might be possible to take inspiration or even code from there to improve 3D emulation without doing it from scratch. Of course this is still a lot of work and likely I can't do it alone but that's why this project was created to bring together interested people who could together reach a goal that could not be reached individually.
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