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The Epic release was a complete rip off as far as I was concerned and no I never made any money from it.

The Mutation Gold Compilation release (I have one copy left being the master somewhere here) will only work/load correctly on CD32. It was originally built for Core Design by myself, however the Amiga had died pretty much back then and Core pulled out near the end of it's mastering leaving me with the disk that used RNC CD0:/DH0: IDE disk loader code.

I later released about 500 copies as a limited edition via my own Mutation label back then and had to print a notice regards the CD32 compatibility problem...i.e. it wont work with an scsi CDROM etc.

Given it's all sometime ago I really can't remember the full details but I do have the master (if I can find it) and may do a limited CD32 rerun or something as it did sell out in about 2 weeks back then and then I moved on to other things.

There you have it an no I've never seen one on eBay either come to think of it, so I guess it is pretty rare now - how cool!

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