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OK thanks. Think I was thinking of memory cycles as your right LocalH with static images it uses no extra cpu cycles.
I found the Amiga Hardware Reference Manual and it said this "If the display contains four or fewer low-resolution bit-planes, the
68000 can be granted altemate memory cycles (if it is ready to ask for
the cycle and is the highest priority item at the time).
However, if there are more than four bit-planes, bit-plane DMA will begin
to steal cycles from the 68000 during the display.

During the display time for a six-bit-plane display (low resolution, 320
pixels wide), 160 time slots will be taken by bit-plane DMA for each
horizontal line. As you can see from Figure 6-11, bit-plane DMA steals 50
percent of the open slots that the processor might have used if there
were only four bit-planes displayed."

Think that answered my question. Its memory cycles it uses not CPU cycles.
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