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Originally Posted by McNoise View Post
The auto update function on the Mac does his job like it should (visually) - the update is downloaded and completed, but no changes took effect after the restart.
As mentioned in the initial post: "Due to how the new update system works (updates are always placed in the FS-UAE/System folder), I provide the archives with the same structure in mind (and with a Portable.ini file), so you can extract these files directly in to your existing FS-UAE folder or extract it anywhere else if you want a new self-contained folder for FS-UAE 4."

So, you can find the update in FS-UAE/System/FS-UAE-Launcher/ - more specific: FS-UAE/System/FS-UAE-Launcher/macOS/x86-64/ If you run this, you get the new version. You should be able to at least dock this .app to avoid having to browse for it every time, but right now it cannot be in /Applications while also working correctly with automatic updates.
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