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Known issues:

- FS-UAE: Using the dedicated pause/break key only pauses when key is held. Using Alt/Cmd+P works correctly.
- FS-UAE: NTSC games are displaying too much video (resulting in garbage in lower part of screen).

- Launcher: Opening the scan files dialog twice causes error
- Launcher: Launching configs with manually configured .hdf files or directory hard drives fails to launch with NotImplementedError.
- Launcher: Launching WHDLoad slaves seems to fail on Windows only. Works on Linux, looking in to it.

- Launcher: No save button for saving configs at the moment
- Launcher: Mapping controller buttons/axes in settings is not picked up by FS-UAE yet (but FS-UAE comes with a lot of built-in configs).
- Launcher: When FS-UAE is started and your Windows/macOS system uses HiDPI mode, the FS-UAE window might be opened off-center.
- Launcher: The device drop down menu for selecting input device may list devices twice (one with quotes and one without).
- Launcher: Launching WHDLoad games by selecting a .lha/.zip of an archived game install does not currently work.


This is the current content of fs-uae/docs/ Please note that this list is not intended to be 100% complete. Anything missing from this list does not mean that it won't be implemented.

FS-UAE to-do:

- You cannot actually choose input devices before startup atm, but you can change them from the on-screen GUI.
- GUI rendering is not optimized yet, GUI element textures are created for each frame and not reused. Could affect performance on slower systems.
- Monitor selection does not work in all cases.
- CD audio does not work
- Themes are not implemented yet
- Some video scaling options may have no effect yet
- Some video and audio options may have no effect right now (for example GPU texture format or audio frequency).
- Net play support is not ready yet
- Support for multiple mice is not ready yet
- Joystick support may be limited to gamepad-like devices initially
- Support controlling the GUI with the mouse.
- The escape key should close the on-screen menu.


- Built-in file browser with controller support (mainly for floppy selection), an oft-requested feature.

Other bonuses:

- Make it easier to specify (any) actions on game controllers in ports, independent of controller type but dependent on port mode. (e.g. port0_joy_lefttrigger = action_quit)
- Custom names and automatic screenshots for save states.

In progress:

- On-screen keyboard suitable for use with controllers with realistic system-specific keyboards.


- Better audio subsystem with lower audio latency.
- Make better use of high-resolution timers to ensure the emulation runs smoothly also in fastest-possible CPU mode.
- Support hot-plugging game controllers.
- Create a better architecture which makes it easier to support different audio and video backends. Initial version with ALSA and SDL2 audio backends, and OpenGL and SDL2 video backends.
- Ensure that FS-UAE works really well with G-SYNC and FreeSync monitors on supported systems.
- Better internal book-keeping and visual graphs of performance and timing, to make it easier to identify issues and make sure the emulation runs smoothly.
- Truetype font rendering for better readability and internationalization.
- Better support for high-DPI displays.
- Make the user interface adapt better to non-16:9 displays.
- Make (lib)FSEMU better suitable for integration with different emulators.
- Use RTLD_DEEPBIND with dlopen on Linux when loading plugins, allows for new self-contained QEMU-UAE plugin to work around an issue with how Glib is used.
- Bridgeboard & VGA available and works with custom uae_* options.
- Better clipboard sharing integration.
- New built-in slirp implementation from QEMU 5.2.0 and reworked the slirp support in FS-UAE. Fixes random crashes and corrupt network data.
- Other things I forgot; I haven't been very good at keeping updated Changelog entries lately.

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