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Big grin Well its all about what you plan to do

Any one who has used an amiga to surf will tell you NO one browser can do it all

Some would go as far as to say All Amiga Browsers suck I have been browsing and creating on the net with mine for about 8 months [since I got my hands on a pcmia card and a cable router to share a conection]

The most stable browser is Ibrowse 2.3 but it misses the better java support to be found on the newer AWeb 3.5 beta version , now myself I am using an 040ppc/Bvision with over 88mb of ram and when I first tried to surf with full graphics with only 16mb I found it painfully slow.

You also enquired about how it would be with AGA only I cannot comment { but I expect at least Bloodwitch who runs AGA will } from what I understand there are certain mime classes that you cannot with speed access under aga alone and that would restrict some of your view online.

How ever I look forward to be corrected by those who know Say Hi to my friends in Rethmynion if you ever venture that way

Hope you plan to be another real AMIGA on line there are too few of us these days

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