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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt View Post
I imagine its hard coded and built around cd.device so no choice really but to emulate cd32 in some way (squirel or idefix emus). It used to run ok on a 2x cdrom drive but anything faster was hit n miss with missing or clicky speech.

Yes, Squirrel Emu, has a dummy cd.device. It points to your real device, i.e. atapi.device. WolnyCD, will solve speed for you. It forces any drive to what ever speed you want. I got fedup up of noisy drive as it was running at 48x.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
As said, works fine in WinUAE if you use a "CD32 KS ROM v3.1 rev 40.60 (512k).rom" with your A1200 .HDF.
Could of sworn I tried that. So its looking for something in Kickstart? kernel version?
All the exciting stuff like, CD.DEVICE etc etc. is in extended ROM.

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