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This is how I stored my high scores in my game Downfall - full source is on the site if you wish to take a peek

I set my scores to be stored in an array (holding 20 entries) which contained the name and the score of the player. The save routine only saved it if the scores had changed since the last load when the game was quit so you might not want to do it exactly the same way but hopefully it gives you a bit of an idea.


If OpenFile(0,"Data/downfall.highs")=-1 ; open our file if it exists
 For n=0 To 19
  Fields 0,highs(n)\name,highs(n)\score ; read all array data
 Next n
Get 0,0 ; transfer data to array
CloseFile 0



If chg=1  ; If highscore file has changed
 dummy=OpenFile(0,"Data/downfall.highs") ; create new file, or overwrite existing one
 For n=0 To 19
  Fields 0,highs(n)\name,highs(n)\score  ; take all highscore array data
 Next n
 Put 0,0 ; write array data to our file
 CloseFile 0

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