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Using an Amiga harddisk with WinUAE

I've been told that it is possible to mount an Amiga-formatted harddisk in a PC and access it in WinUAE.

How do I do that ? I haven't tried yet to put the disk in the pc, so that's mainly a question about "is that simple to do or will I run into problems ?"

Is it that simple :
- put the harddisk (ide in my case) into the pc
- click on "add harddrive" in the "hard drives" tab of WinUAE and it will be automatically detected ?

And btw, do I have to plug the harddisk on the ide port of my motherboard, or is it possible to use an ide-to-usb adapter ? I'va already used this kind of adapter to use an extra harddisk on my pc, but will it be recognized by WinUAE... ?
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