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For Sale: GVP G-force 040@40Mhz Combo

GVP G-Force 040
68040 Accelerator Board

for the Commodore Amiga 2000

Includes the
Motorola 68040 @ 40 Mhz in a socket with MC68040RC40 - E42K Revision. This is coldest from XC series and also have improved errata!
(29.91 MIPS, 7.59 MFLOPS)*
*SysInfo results. Actual measurements are even higher.

GVP Series II (A2000-HD8+) Fast SCSI Controller
external Serial and Parallel ports

16 MegaBytes of RAM
(1 Top-quality, 60ns, very rare 16MB GVP SIMM)
Expandable to 64-MB

Will make your stock Amiga 2000 perform around 40 times faster* than stock!!!
*SysInfo tests, please watch photo

For more information, please read:

The buyer take also the latest Gvp disk v1.51, and the stock cpu heatsink with a fan inside. I have change that with a 100% better one who fit in A2000. But if someone want to place a fan must doing some hardware work at floppy frame as I. See the pictures.

Also a second GVP 16Mb simm exists but not included. Send pm for info.

I ask 320 -now 290- euros + shipping cost. I prefer tracked ship with insurance, but if the buyer decide other way, he takes all responsibility on him!!!!!
I accept bank transfer or Paypal “as a gift” only.

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