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Your contributions are much-appreciated mate! Unfortunately, we're all a bit under the pump currently on the HOL team....with the trying (work) year coming towards a grinding close, Christmas within peekaboo distance, COVID-19 lockdowns occurring again in the UK and elsewhere, Cody adapting/fixing code for a month to facilitate the recent HOL server migration, Cody's recent nuptials and return from overseas and, last but not least, the current log of HOL bugreports that are understandably consuming his attention.

I'm sure Cody will get to your contributions as soon as he can (or myself/someone else if he can't process any contributions right now), but I'm certain we have contributions prior to your ones that still need processing. Many thanks for your offer, but the the few of us currently active on the HOL team are a bit flat-out to show the ropes to anyone new at this late stage of the year. We need to focus on uncovering/fixing the bugs that have resulted from the recent HOL migration right now, but we'll keep you in mind as a super contributor for the new year. Thanks again and please bump this thread again next month if there hasn't been any progress.....

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