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Hey Damien...

Even if we do the second level, that won't save you duel with me on Street Fighter 2, or Mortal Kombat. :P

Joke aside.
Thanks mate for the interest.
Yeah, as Cobe said, there were some ideas to make level 2 something like Temple Run (so, when the girl escapes open area (first level) , you enter Pyramid, and running in some labyrinth).
Cobe is amazing coder. He really know how to think "outside the box", and we had various tests, with my (poor) graphic, and one of the most impressive thing I saw he did is in demo here.
I know you already saw it... but for example... I just give him straight loop animation of spaceship flying straight forward... and he did his coder magic, so the road have turns left and right.
Currently, both of us are pretty busy, but I really hope, in near future, we will continue with tests, and some more games, and demos.
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