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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
It's interesting to note that Apple also used this DSP in some of its Macintoshes from that era. It does not seem that the DSP benefited that market either even though it was released.
That may be because it was restricted to the very highest of high end Quadra machines. If every Mac of the time period had been fitted with one, things may have turned out differently.

That said, i've no idea what the volume pricing of the chips was back then. But, just think what might have been possible if every A1200 could have been supplied with one inside it...

However, it seems to me that adding emulation of it, in principle at least, would be within the scope of a fully complete Amiga emulator. The hardware did and indeed does exist, after all. Just not in mass produced quantities.

I guess it's unlikely to ever happen, but I'd love to see it included in WinUAE. Just so I could have a go at programming the thing.

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