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What graphics cards work with X11R5 in Amiga Unix?

I am in the market for a RTG graphics card for my A2000 Amix Box. I have an Ingenieur Helfrich Piccolo that works on my A3000 box just fine at 1152x900_60 - I believe in 256 colors. If I push the resolution higher then than, the screen seems to behave like an interlaced screen (probably poor refresh rate).

I have a Merlin - which seems to be referenced at the Unofficial Amiga Unix page as workable, but mine was never updated and just crashes. Wondering if it would be a good graphics card if fixed, or if I'm better just looking for another card.

From what I've read, Picasso II works, but what about Picasso II+ or Picasso IV?

There was a post that said that the Piccolo SD64 didn't work, but I take some reports of "didn't work" with a grain of salt, as it is easier to have something not work due to a bad config vs finally getting something to work.

So I'm wondering what do others have experience getting working - preferably first hand knowledge. Also, how hard have you pushed it comfortably?


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