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If you think of Lionheart is an easy game you would actually be able to play Chaos Engine blindfolded After all you have to finish all the levels in one sitting (as in most Amiga games somehow) and the extra lives are not scattered around everywhere as in Turrican. Hm, so what's easy about that game? Yes, you got a lot of continues but that's about it. The sword action looks quite nice but is extremely difficult to master somehow... I also wached the longplay, it helps. You never know when they use savestates, though.

By the way, so far I was able to finish every level up until the level where you first ride on the lizard on the ground to attack the ship. There I lost all my remaining lives/continues. I once started from this level and made it to the next dragonride/shmup sequence but that doesn't count since I didn't start from the beginning

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