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Problem with Dyna Blaster + Kaillera

I'm using Kaillera client version 0.8.22 and I made hdf image with WHDLoad 16.8
version of "Dyna Blaster" game - downloaded from And
I have problem when I start a game without second player connected in two
players mode or even in one player mode (I didn't find anyone to test a two
player game yet) and press SPACEBAR or ESCAPE - game exit to workbench
and show error "DYNABLASTER has a checksum error on disk block 4071"
How to fix that? And one interesting tthing is sometimes game works fine and
this error do not show. I tryed using readonly and readwrite propety for my hdf image
but when image was readwrite when I press esc or spacebar game exit to WorkBench
without any error. I also try mount game as Directory but Kaillera shows warring about
desynch when using Directory filesystem. My startup-sequence looks like this::
assign ENV: Ram:
c:whdload slave=DynaBlaster.slave PRELOAD
At normal WinUAE 1.3 I got the same problem. I used kaillera configurations from
Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 from to make my
own version of Dyna Blaster online. If someone want to check my version
please download and unpack

EDIT: at above address I uploaded new version of online Dyna Blaster with two *.bat
files to run, dir_version.bat runs FILESYSTEM version of game and hdf_version.bat
runs HARDFILE version. When I run filesystem version and exit and later I run a
hardfile version games do not crash when I use Escape or SpaceBar keys.

I also downloading BigPackVol3 form torrent at to check
included Dyna Blaster version, but there is only one seeder and I have very slow transfer.

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