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Unhappy WinUAE 0817r3-GUI dissappears/ WinUAE freezes.

I've just been trying the latest version of WinUAE & have been having a LOT of problems with it.
Namely the biggest seems the GUI,(Which I've enabled), is failing 4 times out of 5 say, to come up when I press F12 to swap disks etc.
Instead, what normally happens is the Windows mouse pointer (As opposed to any "Amiga" mouse pointer), appears but then WinUAE freezes up entirely & I cannot even return to whatever game is running.

Even trying the Ctrl-Alt-Delete for the End Task Box in Windows fails to come on.
I have also tried enabling the "Ctrl+F11 to quit WinUAE" & to no avail. I'm running WinUAE on a 16bit 800x600 desktop. Prior to actually calling up the WinUAE Control box whatever games I'm trying to load seem to be booting up fine.

Any thoughts??
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