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Love people around here. Lot's of very knowledgeable people that not only help noobs like me, but they also have their own great projects, and great hardware stuff.
I love even these spamming threads with lots of of topic.

I only dislike that bunch of (good) people here are easily offended, or triggered by provocation of some other users.
I mean, I can't call it even dislike. I just don't understand why are some people so sensitive... and these are good people... and I would be very sorry to see them leaving the forum.

Oh, and I also dislike that many people are either pure white or pure black, when they talk about Vampire. They are either 100% positive, or 100% negative, and that they involve so much emotion around it.
World is grayish, and I am sad people waste so much energy into something pointless (nobody changed opinion as far I saw), and that leads even to insults at some cases.
That's sad.
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