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I've been here for almost 19 years, and I love pretty much everything about EAB. First of all, I love that it is an actual Forum, whereas everybody else seems to have migrated to social media. Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook as much as everyone else but it is a poor medium for storing information and knowledge. I love that so many people are eager to help one another. I love that so many people spend hours working for the community.

Things I do not like... I sometimes wonder why there are so many negative threads about the Amiga in an Amiga forum. Threads about why AGA was so bad, why arcade ports were so bad etc. When I was 14 years old, I did not buy any magazines and very few of my friends owned an Amiga. I had no reviewers to tell me what I should or should not like. If I had fun with a game, I didn't care about its graphics or flaws. The forum is riddled with comments about games such as "it has less colours than the arcade", "it's a worse version than Game Gear's", "the SNES version had one more stage", "the Megadrive version had better scrolling" etc. Why should I care about all that? All I know is that when I loaded the Alien Syndrome, Strider, Highway Hawks of this world I felt like the luckiest kid alive. And I had no one to keep telling me how unplayable Shadow of the Beast was, so I played it for hours and hours every day. So, why focus so much on the negative instead of reminiscing on the nostalgia?
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