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TGM Silver Disks

Browsing the cover cds of TGM (an italian PC - Amiga magazine) i've found Amiga directories inside them.
Below you can find the headlines on cds, i didn't check, so if you're interested please ask.

Breathless Demo, Worms Demo, Gloom Demo, Zeewolf Demo

The Party 5 demos, Nemac 4 Demo, Extreme Racing Demo, Alien Breed 3D patch, Breathless patch

Alien Breed 3D II Demo

Capital Punishment Demo, Slam Tilt Demo, Trapped Demo

Dentaku Demo, Spherical Wolrd Demo, Xtreme Racing 2.0 Demo, Fightin Spirits Demo, demos

Testament Demo, Screech Demo, Mikro Mortal Tennis Demo, Trapped New Edition Demo

Time Keepers Demo, Valhalla 1,2,3 Demo, Hillsea Lido Demo, Pinball Brain Demo, Genetic Species Demo, Trapped August Demo, Uropa 2 Demo, Wheels Demo, AB3DII Cheat Editor, AB3DII Patch Editor
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