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Originally Posted by digitalMedic View Post
I posted the question on the dietpi forum. I did manage to get Amiberry to start the emulator with Raspbian, but it will not load the install disk fully. It stops loading the disk after it opens a WB screen, but there are no icons or anything and the emulator just sits there. It is not frozen as the CPU indicator fluctuates and I reopen the control panel. This is with WB 3.1.4. I am going to try 3.1 next. It is kind of frustrating. Have not had this much problem with Amiberry in the past (under Amibian).

Disable JIT.

JIT on 32bit (like DietPi and Raspbian is) don't work with 3.1.4. If you rather use a 64bit distro like Manjaro ARM, it will work.
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