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Black Lives Matter

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Yeah the Tapatalk sig clearly goes against the rules we used to enforce in the mod team, but the main problem is, that many people don't even know the sig is there because Tapatalk inserts it sneakily.

They might see it later, but two further things could happen

1 - They might not know it is against the rules, because they didn't read them and because nobody enforces that rule
2 - If they are also reading from within Tapatalk, they might not realize this is seen everywhere, also on the web. It kinda looks like "oh this is another Tapatalk user"

In an ideal world, everyone should turn that shit off.
In the case they slip through, either a mod takes action, or the system snips it automatically. I am all in for the mods to have LESS to do than normally, so hence my preference for an automatic editing of posts that include it.
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